Cooling and Heating

Did you know that it was in the 1950s when air conditioning was introduced for household use? Since then HVAC has gone through tremendous progress and innovations. Air conditioners have become more affordable, reliable and energy efficient with time. If you do not carry out periodic maintenance and preventive repairs on your HVACs, it can lead to less efficient cooling and high energy losses, Beat the heat this summers by keeping your air conditioners working at their best by following these amazing tips.

Leave it to a Pro

As much as 5 % of efficiency is lost when you neglect the routine maintenance of any HVAC system. Like any other machine, your HVAC should go through periodic inspections as well. It is always better to catch an early leak or a minor malfunction before it develops into a major problem. Get your air conditioner tuned up so you get the best out of it for the entire season. Call a certified maintenance repairer to check your HVAC system. You can save a lot of money by calling a pro for a routine checkup of your air conditioner. Rheem offers quality maintenance and repairs at your doorstep at competitive rates.

Keep your Air Conditioner Condenser Clean

A condenser is a unit that produces cold air due to condensation. Most of the air conditioners have a condenser located within the outdoor unit. It is always advisable to have the condenser cleaned at least once every year. Make sure that the outdoor unit is not obstructed by any object, dirt or growth of moss or plants. Turn your HVAC off, remove its power supply before cleaning it. Clean the outer grill and fan thoroughly to get rid of the dirt built up over time.

Replace Expired Filters

Did you know that the filters of HVAC need to be replaced at least once every 3 months? A dirty filter that is clogged with dirt, can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. A dirty filter adds more load on the compressor of the air conditioner which results in energy losses and possible damage to the compressor. Some HVAC comes with reusable filters that can be removed from their fittings, washed and placed back. Make sure that you read the instructions on the filter to know whether you can wash it and reuse it or replace it before the expiration date. Ask Rheem for replacement filters and servicing of your HVAC systems.

Inspecting Your HVAC System

Pay attention to your air conditioners to find out any anomaly in their operations. Keep an ear out for unusual vibrations and noises, reduced heat or cold airflow, leaks and any other abnormal observation. Periodically, inspect your HVAC during its operation. Pay special attention to joints, tubes and piping for any leaks or cuts. If you find any problem with your air conditioner don't hesitate to contact a pro and get it thoroughly checked. Always remember a nick in time saves nine. Call Rheem to inspect and fix your HVAC systems.

Always remember to turn your HVAC off before any maintenance or observation. This ensures safety for both you and the machine. By inspecting and cleaning your air conditioner regularly you can save heavy maintenance costs and enjoy the best out of your HVAC all season long.

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