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Located in the Calhoun County in the state of Alabama, the city of Anniston was approximated in the 2013 census had a population of about 22,666 people. The climate of this city is considered hot and humid during the summer and consistent mild to cold winters. This climate has been concluded by the Koppen Climate Classification system as a humid subtropical climate. Anniston is one of the best-planned cities in the entire of the USA, a fact that earned its nickname as the Model City.

The city occupies an area of about 45.7sq mi, which is an equivalent of about 118.4 sq. km, and has a population density of about 506 sq. mi, which is 195.5 sq. km. Up until the 1960s when the use of plastic pipes gained dominance over the cast iron pipes that were also referred to as the cast iron, the use of cast irons for sewer systems was the main industrial output out of the city of Anniston.

Historically, in 1961, Anniston is noted to have been at the center of controversy whereby a bus was bombed by a mob that was filled with members of the American Civil Rights Riders who were protesting for the civil rights of the African Americans that been infringed on by the popular law referred to as the Jim Crow Segregation laws.

The city of Anniston's current form of government is characterized by the mayoral form of governance. The average income of families in the city of Anniston has been projected to be $30,400 a year. About 29.8% of all of the city's population is however considered to live below the poverty line.

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